Organoid intelligence: a new biocomputing frontier

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Frontiers in Science
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February 28 2023
Frontiers (creator)
Lena Smirnova (contributor)
Brian Scott Caffo (contributor)
David H. Gracias (contributor)
Qi Huang (contributor)
Itzy E. Morales Pantoja (contributor)
Bohao Tang (contributor)
Donald J. Zack (contributor)
Cindy A. Berlinicke (contributor)
Lomax Boyd (contributor)
Timothy D. Harris (contributor)
Erik C. Johnson (contributor)
Brett J. Kagan (contributor)
Jeffrey Kahn (contributor)
Alysson R. Muotri (contributor)
Barton L. Paulhamus (contributor)
Jens C. Schwamborn (contributor)
Jesse D. Plotkin (contributor)
Alexander S. Szalay (contributor)
Joshua T Vogelstein (contributor)
Paul F. Worley (contributor)
Thomas Hartung (contributor)
John Hopkins (contributor)
Johns Hopkins University School Of Medicine (contributor)
Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI) (contributor)
Cortical Labs (contributor)
University Of California At San Diego (contributor)
University Of Luxembourg (contributor)
University Of Konstanz (contributor)
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Corporate Video
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"Organoid intelligence (OI) is an emerging scientific field aiming to create biocomputers where lab-grown brain organoids serve as ‘biological hardware’. In their article, published in Frontiers in Science, Smirnova et al., outline the multidisciplinary strategy needed to pursue this vision: from next-generation organoid and brain-computer interface technologies, to new machine-learning algorithms and big data infrastructures."
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