The Ellen DeGeneres Show Today: Wearable Technology

Publication Title
The Ellen DeGeneres Show
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October 21 2013
Ellen Degeneres (contributor)
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Television Show
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Ellen DeGeneres mentions multiple wearable technology devices including Google Glass, Nike Fuel Band, and the trend of smart watches on her show. She states that she wants to get on board with the wearable technology trend as well and has come up with some light-hearted prototypes. Her wearable devices include a wearable toaster; a wearable butter headband; 'blu-ray blue jeans' that play blu-ray DVDs with a correlating 'boob tube' chest display; a blender hat; an edible ice cream cone bra; and lastly a 'mini-freeze' mini skirt that produces and dispenses ice cubes.
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Abdomen, Waist, Head, Hip, Buttock, Breast, Chest

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July 8 2014
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September 21 2018
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