Microsoft's Satya Nadella Reveals Vision for Generative AI

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CNET Highlights
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February 7 2023
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"At a press event in Redmond, Washington, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella talks about the future of conversational chat and search."

He says that there have been three distinct platforms that have influenced the web over the years: 1. the PC/server, 2. mobile/cloud, and now 3. artificial intelligence. He explains that one of the most important emerging features are conversational agents: "I think they are going to be things that we are going to have everywhere we go. All computer interaction is going to be mediated with an agent helping you. In fact we're going to have this notion of a co-pilot that's going to be there across every application canvas". It was later revealed that Microsoft's search engine Bing will now be integrated with OpenAI's newest large language model.
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February 15 2023
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February 20 2023
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