The Dee Movie | Meet the BMW i Vision Dee

Publication/Creation Date
January 4 2023
BMW (creator)
Arnold Schwarzenegger (creator)
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Corporate Video
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This long commercial uses sci-fi actor Arnold Schwarzenegger and 80s movie tropes to evoke the sentimentality of the past ("the good old days") in order to promote their vision for the future. Arnold is told "don't fear the future".

BMW writes, "This is the story of BMW’s latest vision vehicle, The BMW i Vision Dee. Formally known as the ‘Digital Emotional Experience’. Born to be your Ultimate Companion in any reality. Designed to reimagine the relationship between driver and vehicle, Dee is not “just” another BMW. No, Dee has a totally unique digital soul, and with it comes a lot of personality. Dee laughs. Dee jokes. Dee helps. Dee learns. Dee claps back. Dee questions. Dee can even change colour to match your outfit, augment reality, or take you to Virtual Worlds. Dee is, for all that we can tell, very much alive – and has her mind set on becoming the Ultimate Companion."

Dee was introduced during BMW's CES 2023 keynote. 
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Entire Body, Eye

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January 11 2023
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January 11 2023
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