BMW Reveals iVision Dee Advanced AI Concept Car

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January 4 2023
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During BMW's CES 2023 keynote, Oliver Zipse introduced their new iVision concept car named Dee (Digital Emotional Intelligence) that incorporates artificial intelligence, mixed reality, and e-ink that can be customized. Rather than just a car, Dee is a "companion". Joined by two of the other "most human cars in history", Knight Rider's KITT and The Love Bug's Herbie, Dee showed off her "personality" and shared her "feelings" through "facial expressions". The presenter exclaims, "Show me a smart kettle that feels comfortable. You can't! But Dee can feel comfortable because Dee has a digital soul".

The "mixed reality slider" can transform the ambient digital windshield from augmented reality features such as social media and navigational data, to fully immersive virtual reality. Dee explains, "you wouldn't believe what fits into your car in the future. It's like being in your own personal, drive-in cinema, but the movie is your life".
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