Meta Connect Keynote 2022 - Meta Quest Pro Reveal

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CNET Highlights
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October 11 2022
Mark Zuckerberg (creator)
Angela Chang (creator)
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Corporate Video
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During the Meta Connect Keynote, Zuckerberg introduces the new Meta Quest Pro mixed reality headset, which blends the real and virtual world together. Meta Quest Pro is "made for collaboration and creativity" and "delivers more expression and a deeper feeling of connection than any other technology". 

Zuckerberg and Angela Chang discuss the design and technical specs, comparing it to Quest 2. Quest Pro is a higher end product with a focus on work environments, especially distributed teams. 

The new controllers are "basically their own computers". They can "track themselves" and work like "extensions of your hands". A stylus can even be added to them in order to write or sketch virtually.

The headset is available to pre-order for $1499 and will begin shipping October 25th. 
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Hand, Eye