Neuralink Show-and-Tell Event - Introduction to Neuralink's mission

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CNET Highlights
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November 30 2022
Neuralink Corp. (creator)
Elon Musk (creator)
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During the opening of Neuralink's "Show and Tell" event, which he refers to as a "technical podcast", Elon Musk introduces the company's purpose, developments, and future goals.

He notes that Neuralink's goal is to create a "whole brain interface" or "generalized platform for the brain". The original motivation was to mitigate the risks of AI, especially artificial general intelligence or "digital superintelligence". He explains that although "we are already cyborgs" and "[our] phones are already extensions of [ourselves]", the biggest limitation in human intelligence is due to our limited bandwidth while interacting with these devices. He also compares the neural implant to an Apple Watch or Fitbit in your skull.

Musk is "confident at this point that [they] will succeed in solving many brain injury issues, spine injury issues along the way" and hopes to begin human trials in "about six months".
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