Oxa: The First Breathing Wearable

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November 10 2022
Nanoleq AG (creator)
Vincent Martinez (contributor)
Simon Yang (contributor)
Sibylla Henninger (contributor)
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Corporate Video
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Currently crowdfunding on Kickstarter, "Oxa is the first wearable to unlock your breathing potential so that you can get more relaxed, energized, focused, and even sleep better." Nanoleq CEO Vincent Martinez states, "Oxa is the first breathing wearable. It measures the depth and speed of your breathing with ultimate precision. As it measures your breathing, it teaches you how to breath to feel better, guiding you through exercises, all of which have been designed in collaboration with breathing coaches, meditation gurus, and experts in respiratory science".

The Oxa sensors include "respiratory inductance plethysmography for breath monitoring, electrocardiography for heart monitoring, and infrared sensing for skin temperature". This small deviceĀ is incorporated into a smart shirt (or bra) and sits over your diaphragm. It's paired with an app that includes real-time analytics as well as immersive audio and visual feedback.
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Spine Torso
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Oxa, Nanoleq, Kickstarter

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November 25 2022
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November 25 2022
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