Ameca conversation using GPT 3 - Will robots take over the world?

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September 9 2022
Engineered Arts Ltd. (creator)
Morgan Roe (contributor)
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Corporate Video
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This demonstration shows Ameca the humanoid robot providing unscripted answers to a series of questions using GPT3, a large language model. Ameca's gestures and facial expressions are very natural and realistic.

When asked about the possible applications for humanoid robots, Ameca answers that they could be used to help people with disabilities, assist in hazardous environments, conduct research, and act as companions. When asked what the most difficult thing about being a robot was, Ameca answered that it was making sure that they never unintentionally harm or scare people. Ameca even composed a spontaneous poem.

Ameca is currently just a research robot, rather than any kind of commercial platform. 
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November 11 2022
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November 11 2022
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