ANA Avatar XPRIZE: NimbRo Avatar Semifinals Team Video

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October 18 2022
University Of Bonn (creator)
Sven Behnke (creator)
XPRIZE Foundation (contributor)
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Team NimbRo, one of the finalists for the ANA Avatar XPrize, is part of the Autonomous Intelligent Systems group at University of Bonn in Germany, led by Dr. Sven Behnke. This video shows a demonstration of their tele-operated robot avatar system. The human operator is fitted a virtual reality headset, cameras, a hand exoskeleton, and robotic arms in order to remotely control the humanoid robot. The operator then performs tasks such as making a cup of coffee, delivering it to an injured friend, taking their friend's blood pressure and oxygen saturation, and helping their friend put on a jacket. 

Team NimbRo was announced as the winner of the ANA Avatar XPrize competition on November 5, 2022. 
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Hand, Entire Body, Eye

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November 9 2022
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November 10 2022
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