Introducing the Google Pixel Watch - Made by Google 2022 (clip)

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October 6 2022
James Park (creator)
Fitbit (contributor)
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At The Made by Google 2022 event, Fitbit's former CEO and co-founder James Park introduced the new Pixel Watch which uses the best of both Google and Fitbit technology. He notes, "Pixel Watch is designed to understand you and your needs throughout the day. Every time you glance at your Pixel Watch, it's doing something helpful for you, not just prompting you to pick up another device." Using different apps, users can receive notifications, adjust their thermostat at home, listen to music, make purchases, and get real-time directions. Using machine learning, users can get track their heart rate down to the second. They can also track their active zone minutes while exercising as well as their sleep stages.

The Pixel Watch is available for pre-order starting at $349.00.
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October 6 2022
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October 6 2022
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