The gig workers fighting back against the algorithms

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MIT Technology Review
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April 21 2022
Karen Hao (creator)
Nadine Freischlad (creator)
Rida Qadri (contributor)
Jason Jackson (contributor)
Veena Dubal (contributor)
Nadiem Makarim (contributor)
Gojek (contributor)
Suci Lestari Yuana (contributor)
Tanah Sullivan (contributor)
Amalinda Savirani (contributor)
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"Over the years, as more and more workers have fallen under the gaze of algorithms, a growing chorus of experts have noted how platform companies have paralleled the practices of colonial empires in using management tools to surveil and exploit a broad base of cheap labor. But the experience of Jakarta’s drivers could reveal a new playbook for resistance: a way for workers to build collective power, achieve a measure of security, and take care of one another when seemingly no one else will."

This story is part three of MIT Technology Review’s series on AI colonialism
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July 13 2022
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July 13 2022
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