The State of AI Ethics Report (January 2021)  - Montreal AI Ethics Institute (MAIEI)

The State of AI Ethics Report (January 2021) - Montreal AI Ethics Institute (MAIEI)

Publication/Creation Date
January 1 2021
Abhishek Gupta (creator)
Katlyn Turner (contributor)
Danielle Wood (contributor)
Catherine D’Ignazio (contributor)
MIT Media Lab (contributor)
Marianna Ganapini (contributor)
Renjie Butalid (contributor)
Muriam Fancy (contributor)
Alexandrine Royer (contributor)
Ryan Khurana (contributor)
Mo Akif (contributor)
Victoria Heath (contributor)
Connor Wright (contributor)
Falaah Arif Khan (contributor)
Masa Sweidan (contributor)
Erick Galinkin (contributor)
Steven Mills (contributor)
Joy Buolamwini (contributor)
Timnit Gebru (contributor)
Ruha Benjamin (contributor)
Safiya Noble (contributor)
Media Type
Persuasive Intent
The Montreal AI Ethics Institute (MAIEI) is an international non-profit organization democratizing AI ethics literacy, founded by Abhishek Gupta. This 2021 report states that, "The problems at the forefront of AI Ethics today – injustice, discrimination and retaliation – are battles that marginalized communities have been fighting for decades. It only took us millions of dollars and immense public interest into our darling technology to notice. Algorithms manifest and further exacerbate the structural inequalities in our society. We’re finally starting to see ‘bias’ – algorithmic or otherwise – for what it really is: a fundamentally human problem."

The report opens with the article "The Abuse and Misogynoir Playbook" by Katlyn Turner and colleagues at MIT, which discusses the work of Black women scholars including Safiya Noble, Ruha Benjamin, Timnit Gebru, and Joy Buolamwini.

This article is then followed by research summaries from multiple contributors on a large variety of topics such as algorithmic injustice, discrimination, ethical AI, labour impacts, misinformation, privacy, risk & security, and social media. 

Licenced under an open-access Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License .
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