The Rise of A.I. Companions [Documentary]

Publication/Creation Date
April 15 2022
Dagogo Altraide (creator)
Media Type
Web Series
Persuasive Intent
Dagogo Altraide from the ColdFusion TV youtube channel explores the AI companions in this documentary film. He asks, "What if machines could feel empathy for us, care for us, or even fall in love with us? And more importantly, what if we grew to reciprocate those feelings?" He further notes, "of course this was purely the stuff of science fiction, but as we firmly enter the 2020s something interesting is beginning to happen. The ability of AI algorithms to mimic human relationships is getting close enough to approximating actual relationships, to some degree at least". He mainly uses the AI chatbot Replika as an example and explores several sci-fi shows such as Her and Black Mirror.
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