Human Augmentation – The Dawn of a New Paradigm (Strategic Implications Project)

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May 13 2021
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"The Development, Concepts and Doctrine Centre worked in partnership with the German Bundeswehr Office for Defence Planning to understand the future implications of human augmentation, setting the foundation for more detailed Defence research and development.  

The project incorporates research from German, Swedish, Finnish and UK Defence specialists to understand how human augmentation emerging technologies could affect the future of society, security and Defence.

Human augmentation technologies provides a broad sense of opportunities for today and in the future. There are mature technologies that could be integrated today with manageable policy considerations, such as personalised nutrition, wearables and exoskeletons. There are other technologies in the future with promises of bigger potential such as genetic engineering and brain-computer interfaces. The ethical, moral and legal implications of human augmentation are complex and hard to foresee but early and regular engagement with these issues must be thoroughly considered.

Human augmentation could signal the coming of a new era of strategic advantage with possible implications across the force development spectrum."

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May 26 2022
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August 24 2022
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