Reconfigurable Magnetic Slime Robot: Deformation, Adaptability, and Multifunction

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March 25 2022
Li Zhang (creator)
Mengmeng Sun (creator)
Chenyao Tian (creator)
Xianghe Meng (creator)
Xingjian Shen (creator)
Bo Hao (creator)
Xin Wang (creator)
Hui Xie (creator)
Chinese University Of Hong Kong (contributor)
Harbin Institute Of Technology (contributor)
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Journal Article
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Magnetic miniature soft-bodied robots allow non-invasive access to restricted spaces and provide ideal solutions for minimally invasive surgery, micromanipulation, and targeted drug delivery. However, the existing elastomer-based (silicone) and fluid-based (ferrofluid or liquid metal) magnetically actuated miniature soft robots have limitations. Owing to its limited deformability, the elastomer-based small-scale soft robot cannot navigate through a highly restricted environment. In contrast, although fluid-based soft robots are more capable of deformation, they are also limited by the unstable shape of the fluid itself, and are therefore poorly adapted to the environment. In this study, non-Newtonian fluid-based magnetically actuated slime robots with both the adaptability of elastomer-based robots and reconfigurable significant deformation capabilities of fluid-based robots are demonstrated. The robots can negotiate through narrow channels with a diameter of 1.5 mm and maneuver on multiple substrates in complex environments. The proposed slime robot implements various functions, including grasping solid objects, swallowing and transporting harmful things, human motion monitoring, and circuit switching and repair. This study proposes the design of novel soft-bodied robots and enhances their future applications in biomedical, electronic, and other fields.

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May 12 2022
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May 12 2022
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Li Zhang, Mengmeng Sun, Chenyao Tian, Xianghe Meng, Xingjian Shen, Bo Hao, Xin Wang, Hui Xie. (March 25 2022). "Reconfigurable Magnetic Slime Robot: Deformation, Adaptability, and Multifunction". Advanced Functional Materials. Wiley Periodicals, Inc.. Fabric of Digital Life.