Metaverse gets touch of reality at CES

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Tech XPlore
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January 7 2022
Julie Jammot (creator)
OWO (contributor)
Jose Fuertes Peña (contributor)
Shiftall Inc. (contributor)
Panasonic (contributor)
Takuma Iwasa (contributor)
Touchcast, Inc. (contributor)
Edo Segal (contributor)
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Tech XPlore discusses the metaverse and related innovations that were presented at CES 2022, including OWO's haptic gaming vest. Founder Jose Fuertes Peña said "What is the metaverse if you can't feel it?...It's just avatars". He also explained that "Our mission is to turn the virtual into reality with a second skin; to add the sense of touch in the metaverse or video games."

Another startup Shiftall (a subsidiary of Panasonic), revealed their new high-resolution VR glasses prototype at CES. The company also makes a full-body tracking system for virtual reality. Regarding the metaverse, founder Takuma Iwasa said "In the future, some of the special suits like in 'Ready Player One' will contain every system" and "Currently, metaverse users need to use different products, like a cyborg."

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February 18 2022
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