Hyundai x CES 2022 | Expanding to New Realities with Metamobility

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January 4 2022
Hyundai (creator)
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At CES 2022, Hyundai revealed their futuristic vision for "metamobility". Their description reads, "We are here to expand human reach with robotics technology....This is about a future in which robotics will complete the metaverse by connecting the virtual world with reality, and eventually overcome the physical limitations of movement regarding time and space."

The video shows a father and daughter riding in a fully autonomous vehicle in an imagined future. The father asks where she would like to go and she replies that she'd like to go to Mars. There is a virtual 3D holographic , screen in the vehicle where they can swipe and select their avatars before they are virtually transported onto the surface of Mars (without the use of headsets). While there, they interact with other avatars. and physically feel the sensations of touch. Robots like Spot collect real-time data in order to act as "physical ambassadors".

Hyundai purchased Boston Dynamics in June 2021.
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