Human-like robot "wakes up" as UK company unveils android Ameca

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December 3 2021
Engineered Arts Ltd. (creator)
Will Jackson (creator)
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News Broadcast
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"U.K.-based company Engineered Arts has unveiled a remarkably human-like android with a promotional video released on social media of it "waking up." In the video, the robot known as "Ameca" can be seen expressing what appears to be surprise as it opens its eyes and looks around and examines itself. When it notices the camera person, it then smiles and offers out its hand. The Ameca has grey-coloured skin, with gender and race-neutral characteristics, but is being described as the world's "most advanced human shaped robot representing the forefront of human-robotics technology.""

Founder Will Jackson also brings up the Metaverse, saying "imagine taking your metaverse character out into the real world, you'll need some embodiment for that. Say if you wanted to take your virtual self to a meeting in New York, Hawaii, Hong Kong, send a robot".
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Engineered Arts, Ameca, Metaverse

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December 7 2021
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December 7 2021
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