CEO Council Summit - Elon Musk on U.S. Innovation (Cybertruck and Neuralink clip)

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December 6 2021
Joanna Stern (creator)
Elon Musk (creator)
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Elon Musk is interviewed by Wall Street Journal reporter Joanna Stern at the livestreamed CEO Council Summit. In this clip, Musk is asked to briefly describe his 2022 plans for some of his recent innovations, including the Cybertruck and Neuralink. He notes that they are currently doing a lot of testing for Neuralink to ensure safety. He references the demo of the monkey telepathically playing Pong and hopes to have the device in the first humans sometime in 2022, depending on FDA approval. He is "cautiously optimistic" that Neuralink will help "restore full body functionality" for people with severe spinal cord injuries. 
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December 7 2021
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December 11 2022
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