Interactive Volumetric Displays with Haptic Feedback

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August 18 2021
Ravinder Dahiya (creator)
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Corporate Video
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"The ability to see and feel the mid-air displayed virtual objects without any special headwear is an attractive proposition for the virtual reality systems of the near future. This video shows an air based haptic feedback device, named Aerohaptics, which delivers mid-air tactile feedback while the user is manipulating virtual objects within a pseudo-holographic display. The developed system constitutes a cost-effective approach with relatively low complexity and various potential applications as it does not require wearable or handheld peripherals. The delivered haptic feedback can be accurately directed at specific locations on the user’s hand and its intensity can be controlled to suit various interaction scenarios. The video shows localized haptic feedback on the user’s finger tips as well as varying feedback force according to the user’s hand movement."
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Touching, Sensing
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November 9 2021
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November 18 2021
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