Niantic Lightship Platform | Global Launch

Publication/Creation Date
November 8 2021
John Hanke (creator)
Niantic (creator)
Amanda Whitt (contributor)
Erika Kato (contributor)
Dan Morris (contributor)
Meghan Hughes (contributor)
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Corporate Video
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Niantic CEO John Hanke officially launches their Lightship platform for developers. He believes that humans are happiest when their virtual world leads them to the real world through exploration and social engagement, rather than escaping to a completely virtual world. Niantic believes that augmented reality is this next transformation in computing and that the Lightship platform will enable many people to "build this future together". He calls this vision "the real world Metaverse". This video features many of the developers already using Lightship to create interactive, shared experiences, including those related to music, wellness, sports, Manga, and museums. 
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November 9 2021
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May 30 2022
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