Zuckerberg’s ‘metaverse’ will need to navigate potential pitfalls, experts say

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Global News
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November 7 2021
Matt O'Brien (creator)
Barbara Ortutay (creator)
Mark Zuckerberg (contributor)
Meta Platforms Inc. (contributor)
Microsoft (contributor)
Amie Stepanovich (contributor)
University Of Colorado (contributor)
Philip Rosedale (contributor)
Richard Kerris (contributor)
NVIDIA Corporation (contributor)
Timoni West (contributor)
Unity Technologies, Inc. (contributor)
Ryan Gill (contributor)
Crucible Networks Ltd. (contributor)
Evan Greer (contributor)
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"But it’s just as easy to imagine dystopian downsides. Suppose the metaverse also enables a vastly larger, yet more personal version of the harassment and hate that Facebook has been slow to deal with on today’s internet? Or ends up with the same big tech companies that have tried to control the current internet serving as gatekeepers to its virtual-reality edition? Or evolves into a vast collection of virtual gated communities where every visitor is constantly monitored, analyzed and barraged with advertisements? Or foregoes any attempt to curtail user freedom, allowing scammers, human traffickers and cybergangs to commit crimes with impunity?"
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