Mark Zuckerberg and Why Facebook is Rebranding to Meta

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The Verge
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October 28 2021
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During Facebook's Connect Conference today, Mark Zuckerberg revealed that Facebook will be renamed as 'Meta', to be more in alignment with the company's focus on building the metaverse. The Facebook app will still remain. Alex Heath writes, "In the next decade, he thinks most people will be spending time in a fully immersive, 3D version of the internet that spans not just Meta’s hardware such as the Quest, but devices made by others. He’s pushing his teams to build technology that could one day let you show up in a virtual space as a full-bodied avatar, or appear as a hologram of yourself in the real-world living room of your friend who lives across the planet." The conference also announced the company's work on AR glasses called Nazaré. This interview with Zuckerberg goes into more detail about the rebranding and what the company will be like moving forward.
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November 8 2021
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