Kevin Warwick Cyborg Life

Publication/Creation Date
April 14 2008
Kevin Warwick (contributor)
University Of Reading (contributor)
Media Type
Web Series
Persuasive Intent
In this video interview, Kevin Warwick talks about ultra-sonic senses, brain-to-brain telepathic communication, the therapeutic benefits of his experiments and why he think's he won't be the only cyborg on this planet in the future. In 1998, when Kevin Warwick, researcher and Professor of Cybernetics at the University of Reading, England, implanted a silicon chip transponder into his left arm and connected it to his nervous system, he became the world's first cyborg: a man-machine hybrid. Some call Kevin Warwick a pioneer in the field of neuro-surgical implantation, others think he is a dangerous scientist who has gone crazy and wants to change mankind's evolution by creating a superior race: the cyborgs.
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Arm, Brain
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