The Future of Communication in the Metaverse

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Roblox Blog
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September 2 2021
Roblox Corporation (creator)
Manuel Bronstein (creator)
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Corporate Paper
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"...The ways that we communicate in the metaverse are not bound by the limitations of physical reality. When you’re in an experience on Roblox, we envision that you will be able to communicate with others in the experience in the same way you speak with someone at the park. Simultaneously, you will be able to have conversations with friends elsewhere on the platform. For instance, you may have a three-way conversation with someone next to you in an experience and with another friend on the bus on their way home in the real world. Those dialogues will be able to continue uninterrupted as you move from experience to experience or as your conversation partners come and go from the experience you are in. You will also be able to seamlessly shift between modes of communication, from text, to voice, to video, to immersive. In fact, different participants in the conversation may choose the most convenient mode of communication depending on their context."
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September 16 2021
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May 31 2022
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