Designing Love or Sex: A SCOT Analysis of a Sex Robot Creator's Vision

Publication/Creation Date
May 27 2021
Annette Masterson (creator)
Temple University (contributor)
Matt McMullen (contributor)
RealBotix, LLC (contributor)
Media Type
Video Lecture
Persuasive Intent
At the International Communication Association Conference 2021, Annette Masterson presents a social construction of technology (SCOT) analysis of ReallDoll and Realbotix's sex robots, including Harmony. By analyzing CEO Matt McMullen's discourse through media interviews, three main themes are identified - companionship, creation, and sentience. Masterson notes that McMullen "positions Harmony not as a sexual object, but a companion that users can have sex with. Though he doesn't believe that she will replace human interactions and relationships, he feels like she and other systems like her are the future of human-machine relations".
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ICA 2021, RealDoll, Realbotix, Harmony