Inflatable implant injected into the spine could relieve chronic pain

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New Scientist
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June 25 2021
Christa Lesté-Lasserre (creator)
University Of Cambridge (contributor)
Damiano Barone (contributor)
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"A tiny, inflatable implant that can be injected into the spinal column could provide long-term relief from chronic pain. It works by emitting electrical charges that signal the brain to stop perceiving the pain.

Spinal cord stimulation to control chronic pain in the body, arms or legs isn’t new, but its effectiveness has been hampered by practicality issues, says Damiano Barone at the University of Cambridge. In order for such devices to work well, they must have up to 32 electrodes that snuggle up to the spinal cord."

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Spine Torso
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August 5 2021
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August 5 2021
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