Facebook is making a bracelet that lets you control computers with your brain

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MIT Technology Review
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March 18 2021
Tanya Basu (creator)
Facebook (contributor)
Thomas Reardon (contributor)
Mark Zuckerberg (contributor)
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"Facebook says it has created a wristband that translates motor signals from your brain so you can move a digital object just by thinking about it.

How does it work? The wristband, which looks like a clunky iPod on a strap, uses sensors to detect movements you intend to make. It uses electromyography (EMG) to interpret electrical activity from motor nerves as they send information from the brain to the hand. The company says the device, as yet unnamed, would let you navigate augmented-reality menus by just thinking about moving your finger to scroll."

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April 1 2021
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July 5 2021
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