Video security against deepfakes and other forgeries

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May 14 2020
Lastika Sethi (creator)
Anay Dave (creator)
Raj Bhagwani (creator)
NMIMS University (contributor)
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Journal Article
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This paper describes a system of steps which aims at proving the ownership of video content, detecting tampered original videos and distinguishing between authentic and counterfeit videos. This system achieves its purpose by using the interdisciplinary technologies of image processing namely face detection, recognition and semi fragile watermarking along with data security algorithm of AES encryption. Our paper aims at optimizing each step in this system to reduce the overall computational count.
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March 7 2021
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April 27 2021
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Lastika Sethi, Anay Dave, Raj Bhagwani. (May 14 2020). "Video security against deepfakes and other forgeries". Journal of Discrete Mathematical Sciences and Cryptography. Taylor & Francis Group. Fabric of Digital Life.