Film Club: ‘This Video May Not Be Real’

Publication/Creation Date
April 17 2020
Claire Wardle (creator)
Media Type
News Broadcast
Persuasive Intent
"“This Video May Not Be Real” is a four-minute video Op-Ed that touches on themes of truth, falsity, technology and public trust. In it, Claire Wardle, an expert in online manipulation, addresses the growth of deepfakes — A.I.-generated fake videos — and their impact. Should we be alarmed by deepfakes? Or are they just the latest form of manipulation and deception? Are public cynicism and the loss of trust an even greater threat to our democracy?"
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Reddit, YouTube

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March 7 2021
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July 5 2021
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Claire Wardle. (April 17 2020). "Film Club: ‘This Video May Not Be Real’". The New York Times Company. Fabric of Digital Life.