Facebook is training robot assistants to hear as well as see

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MIT Technology Review
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August 21 2020
Karen Hao (creator)
Facebook (contributor)
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Allen Institute (contributor)
Pieter Abeel (contributor)
University Of California, Berkeley (contributor)
Kristen Grauman (contributor)
University Of Texas At Austin (contributor)
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"In June 2019, Facebook’s AI lab, FAIR, released AI Habitat, a new simulation platform for training AI agents. It allowed agents to explore various realistic virtual environments, like a furnished apartment or cubicle-filled office. The AI could then be ported into a robot, which would gain the smarts to navigate through the real world without crashing.

In the year since, FAIR has rapidly pushed the boundaries of its work on “embodied AI.” In a blog post today, the lab has announced three additional milestones reached: two new algorithms that allow an agent to quickly create and remember a map of the spaces it navigates, and the addition of sound on the platform to train the agents to hear."

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February 18 2021
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