From Foldable Phones to Stretchy Screens

Publication Title
IEEE Spectrum
Publication/Creation Date
October 22 2020
Huanyu Zhou (creator)
Tae-Woo Lee (creator)
Seoul National University (creator)
Persuasive Intent
"With just a little imagination, you can envision what’s coming down the road: athletes festooned with biometric displays attached to their arms or legs, smartphones we wear on the palms of our hands, displays that drape conformably over various curved surfaces. The people who are working hard now to develop such future displays will surely benefit from the many years of research that have already been done to create today’s foldable displays for smartphones. Without doubt, the era for not just bendable but also stretchable electronics will soon be here."
HCI Platform
Location on Body
Hand, Skin

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November 13 2020
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November 13 2020
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Huanyu Zhou, Tae-Woo Lee, Seoul National University. (October 22 2020). "From Foldable Phones to Stretchy Screens". IEEE Spectrum. IEEE. Fabric of Digital Life.