The robot shop worker controlled by a faraway human

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BBC News
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October 5 2020
Chris Baraniuk (creator)
Telexistence Inc. (contributor)
Yuichiro Hikosaka (contributor)
Carl Benedikt Frey (contributor)
University Of Oxford (contributor)
Persuasive Intent

In a quiet aisle of a small supermarket in Tokyo, a robot dutifully goes about its work. Reaching down, it grabs yet another bottle of a flavoured drink that humans like, lifts it and places it on the shelf of a refrigerated unit. Then the next one. People come and go.

It looks like a well-integrated autonomous mechanical worker, but that is something of an illusion. This robot doesn't have a mind of its own. Several miles away, a human worker is controlling its every movement remotely and watching via a virtual reality (VR) headset that provides a robot's eye view."

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Hand, Eye
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Telexistence, Model-T, Surrogates

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