Cyborgs: Melding Man and Machine

Publication/Creation Date
March 4 2020
Steve Paikin (creator)
Isabel Pedersen (contributor)
Ontario Tech University (contributor)
Rob Spence (contributor)
Lee Wilkins (contributor)
Ryerson University (contributor)
Tamara Banbury (contributor)
Carleton University (contributor)
Kevin Warwick (contributor)
Media Type
Television Show
Persuasive Intent
"Cyborgs: what was once solely science fiction is now a reality for a growing community of tech-enthusiasts, who are redefining the boundaries between human, machine, and AI. Joining Steve Paikin to discuss this brave new world are Tamara Banbury, a self-described voluntary cyborg, and a PhD student at Carleton University; Isabel Pedersen, Canada Research Chair in Digital Life, Media, and Culture, Associate Professor at Ontario Tech University; Lee Wilkins, a cyborg artist and adjunct faculty at OCAD and Ryerson Universities; and Rob Spence, a filmmaker with the world's only wireless video prosthetic eye camera."
HCI Platform
Relation to Body
Related Body Part
Eye, Arm, Finger, Hand, Brain