Augmented Illustra

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Sander Veenhof (creator)
University Of Groningen (contributor)
Junaio (contributor)
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YouTube Clip
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Augmented Illustra spotlights the honorable women at the University of Groningen. In 2014, Artist Sander Veenhof discovered that the university’s portrait gallery includes only two women. To shift this historical narrative, Veenhof used the AR platform Junaio to ‘replace’ some of the paintings of honorable men with those of honorable women who have not been documented. Through Augmented Illustra, visitors are exposed to a new reality as they discover an alternative – and silenced – historical narrative.

This app demonstrates the AR category of Opening Space. In this category, digital content is integrated with actual environments to democratize locations from familiar (and limiting) meanings. Using AR in this way, places are becoming generally open to being inscribed with new perspectives and interpretations.

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Liron Efrat. REALational Perspectives: Expanding Beyond the Here-and-Now in Mobile Augmented Reality (AR) Art, Leonardo, Vol. 53.4 (2020), 374-379.
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Augmented Illustra, Junaio

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October 15 2020
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July 5 2021
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