Vandalized Balloon Dog

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Sebastian Errazuriz (creator)
Cross Lab Studio (contributor)
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Following Jeff Koons' collaboration with Snapchat, one of the digital sculptures has been reproduced and 'vandalized' by digital artist Sebastian Errazuriz. Errazurisz' vandalized digital sculpture is visible through a designated app called ARNYC, which geo-locates the vandalized version in proximity to Koons' and Snapchat's Balloon Dog in New York's Central Park.

This app demonstrates the AR category of Deconstructing Spaces. In this category, AR is used to deconstruct the authority of specific places and bodies, and portray them as social and artificial constructs. As a result, this category exposes power structures and social hierarchies in a site-specific manner.

Read more:
Wright, Rewa. "Defacing the ‘Balloon Dog’: Art, Algorithmic Culture and Augmented Reality." In Augmented Reality Games Ii: The Gamification of Education, Medicine and Art, edited by Vladimir Geroimenko, 263-74: Springer, 2019.

Voon, Claire. "Artist Vandalizes Virtual Koons Sculpture, Questioning Silicon Valley’s Fake Public Space." Hyperallergic, Oct. 5, 2017.
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Snapchat, ARNYC

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October 8 2020
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July 5 2021
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