AR High Line Exhibit by Aery

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This is an AR art exhibition that was produced and curated by AERY: an app for AR fine art and design. Artists have been contacted to create works for a group exhibition to be located at the New York High Line. Visitors to the site could view and engage with the public art exhibits by downloading the app. 

This app demonstrates the AR category of Opening Space. In this category, digital content is integrated with actual environments to democratize locations from familiar (and limiting) meanings. Using AR in this way, places are becoming generally open to being inscribed with new perspectives and interpretations. 

Read more:
Loos, Ted. "A Walk on the Frontier of Art, Where the Sky Is the Limit." New York Times, Nov. 27, 2019.

Lichty, Patrick. "Making inside the Augment: Augmented Reality and Art/Design Education." In Augmented Reality in Education: A New Technology for Teaching and Learning, edited by Vladimir Geroimenko. Springer Series on Cultural Computing 261-78: Springer, 2020.
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