NONUMENT 01:The McKeldin Fountain

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Lisa Moren (creator)
James Mayhew (creator)
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YouTube Clip
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"Nonument recreates the destroyed Brutalist-style monument the City of Baltimore and private partners tore down in January 2017. Using this app, anyone can put back the fountain and experience first-hand memories from ordinary activities, art events and protests, including uprisings following the death of Freddie Gray, Peace Vigils, LGBTQ issues and Occupy Baltimore." (Source: 

This app demonstrates the AR category of Revival of Past. In this category, virtual contents is used to reactivate or enliven past events. This is not a documentation of events, but rather a digital reconstruction of the past, intended to make us ponder how the present is different from the past.

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Moore, Tom. "Lisa Moren Brings Baltimore’s Mckeldin Fountain Back to Life with Nonument 01." UMBC News: Arts and Culture, May 16, 2018.

Moren, Lisa. "Nonument01::Mckeldin Fountain."

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October 2 2020
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December 8 2020
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