ARlines of the City

ARlines of the City

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Giovanna Casimiro (creator)
HP Reveal (contributor)
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Casimiro combines street art with augmented reality, as she relocates graffiti murals from her hometown of São Paulo to multiple locations around the globe.

This project combines street art, AR technology, and existing architectural structures to challenge the municipal limits of cities, and to reconceptualize the urban space as an interface that includes and connects multiple sites and social realities.

This app demonstrates the AR category of Locational Convergence. In this category, representations of multiple geographical sites are combined to influence our sense of place. Places and sites are therefore become compo\sites: they are seen in relation to each other as our interpretation of specific sites expands.

Read more:
Liron Efrat and Giovanna Casimiro, “The Augmented Walk: Unfolding the City’s Dimensions with Augmented Reality Artistic Interventions”, InterArtive: A Platform for Contemporary Art and Thought (issue 100, Dec. 2018). 

Boston Cyberarts Center, ARLines of the City (2018), 
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ARlines Of The City
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