Meet AI XPRIZE Semifinalist emPrize

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April 17 2020
Georgia Institute Of Technology (creator)
Ashok Goel (creator)
Eric Gregori (creator)
IBM (contributor)
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Corporate Video
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The emPrize team is composed of faculty, staff and students associated with Georgia Institute of Technology's Design & Intelligence Laboratory, including Dr. Ashok Goel. They have "developed an AI-powered socio-technical system for making online learning in higher education more accessible, affordable and achievable. In particular, [they] have developed four novel and intertwined AI technologies: (1) VERA, a virtual experimentation research assistant for supporting inquiry-based learning of scientific knowledge, (2) Jill Watson Q&A, a virtual teaching assistant for answering questions based on educational documents including VERA’s user reference guide, (3) Jill Watson SA, a virtual social agent that promotes online interactions, and (4) Agent Smith, that helps generate a Jill Watson Q&A agent for new documents such as class syllabi. "

The emPrize team is a semifinalist in IBM Watson's AI XPRIZE, a competition that challenges teams to collaborate with AI to solve global issues.
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October 1 2020
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May 4 2021
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