Meet AI XPRIZE Semifinalist CleanRobotics

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April 17 2020
CleanRobotics Inc. (creator)
Charles Yhap (creator)
Tanner Cook (creator)
IBM (contributor)
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Corporate Video
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"CleanRobotics is dedicated to developing and taking to market technology based solutions to persistent environmental problems.  Founded in 2015, we observed how difficult it was to accurately separate waste from recyclables at the point of disposal and the devastating impacts this had on material recovery.  After looking at the decreasing costs of sensors, robotic components and enhanced access to AI algorithms, we thought  "maybe we can cheaply build a robot that does this better than humans?"  After two accelerators, many prototypes and years of trial and error, we have developed TrashBot, an autonomous system that makes recycling affordable for businesses and profitable for recycling plants. Using robotics, computer vision, and artificial intelligence it detects and separates landfill waste from recyclables while gathering useful data for recyclers, and replacing expensive commercial waste receptacles. "

Clean Robotics is a semifinalist in IBM Watson's AI XPRIZE, a competition that challenges teams to collaborate with AI to solve global issues.
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