WeRobot2020: Involving Seniors in Developing Privacy Best Practices

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WeRobot 2020 Conference
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September 24 2020
Andrea Slane (creator)
Hallie Siegel (creator)
Isabel Pedersen (creator)
Patrick Hung (creator)
Ontario Tech University (contributor)
University Of Toronto (contributor)
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Video Lecture
Persuasive Intent
This video involves a discussion between Hallie Siegel from UofT Robotics and Andrea Slane from Ontario Tech University about the preliminary findings from a study conducted among seniors that aimed primarily to collect their perspectives on these current and emerging technological devices and applications, in both their present and future forms.

The focus group discussions prompted seniors to share their experiences and express their views on how and why they or other seniors are using, would or would not use, or might consider using specific technologies for the various suggested social support functions.  In gathering data about the concerns, limitations, and benefits that seniors perceive these technologies to present, the researchers aimed to focus especially on personal data protection.  We sought to understand how seniors currently employ strategies to protect their personal information, and what knowledge, tools, and support they would need in order to consider expanding their current practices to new functions or devices.  To further this end, the study also held two exploratory workshops with seniors to assess current understanding of data protection principles and data handling choices in relation to digital assistants (current) and personal robots (future), and gather input on what seniors would consider reasonable to expect from the personal data handling practices of these devices if they were to imagine using them more centrally, especially as they may acquire greater needs for social support down the road.

This video recording is part of the virtual edition of WeRobot2020. Reinvented in the times of COVID19, WeRobot2020 is brought to you by the University of Ottawa Centre for Law, Technology and Society and presented with the generous support of Microsoft, CIFAR, X, and Intel, as well as the University of Ottawa, the University of Washington Technology Policy Lab and Miami Law.
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September 30 2020
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July 5 2021
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