Dirigibles of Denali

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Dirigibles of Denali portrays three futuristic cities in Alaska that were never built and reconsiders these plans in light of contemporary circumstances. "In the 1970s, Alaska saw three proposals for domed cities, which were ultimately unrealized: Arctic City, Seward’s Success and Denali City. Originally Alaska’s domed cities were seen as ways of mastering the harsh Alaskan environment, but in a contemporary context, the notion of domed cities in the age of global warming are less colonial endeavors, and are now viable methodologies of both surviving climate change and preserving the disappearing natural world." (Source: Alaska Design Forum, https://alaskadesignforum.org/revised-utopias/nathan-shafer/)

This app demonstrates the AR category of Counterfactual Histories. In this category, counterfactual histories are visualized through AR interfaces and developed to pose the question of alternative futures. In this case, the virtual content represents events that did not happen, but could have happened. These scenarios were possible but did not actualize.

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 Shafer, Nathan. Dirigibles of Denali: Three Domed Cities CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform 2018.

Shafer, Nathan. "Dirigibles of Denali: The Unbuilt Domed Cities of Alaska Reimagined with Augmented Reality." (2018). http://www.nshafer.com/dirigiblesofdenali/. 
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Dirigibles Of Denali

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