Exit Glacier

Publication/Creation Date
Nathan Shafer (creator)
US National Park Service (contributor)
Layar AR (contributor)
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YouTube Clip
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Exit Glacier employs AR technology to create 3D digital sculptures of Alaskan glaciers' terminus and scale over the past decades. This shows a significant shrinkage and melting tendency, which illustrates contemporary environmental issues. The content needs to be downloaded prior to visitors' arrival to the glacier's site.

This app demonstrates the AR category of Revival of Past. In this category, virtual contents is used to reactivate or enliven past events. This is not a documentation of events, but rather a digital reconstruction of the past, intended to make us ponder how the present is different from the past.

Read more:
Shafer, Nathan. "Augmenting Wilderness: Points of Interest in Pre-Connected Worlds." In Augmented Reality Art., edited by Geroimenko Vladimir. Springer Series on Cultural Computing. Cham: Springer, 2018.

Lichty, Patrick and Nathan Shafer. "AR, Alaska and Augmenting the Circumpolar." Media-N: Journal of the New Media Caucus  (Summer 2016).
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Exit Glacier

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September 24 2020
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December 8 2020
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