The Artvertiser

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Julian Oliver (creator)
Damian Stewart (contributor)
Arturo Castro (contributor)
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YouTube Clip
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The Artvertiser project includes a designated software and viewing device, developed by Oliver in 2008. The main purpose of this ongoing project is to transform and retain public agency in the urban space by changing the display on billboards and turning advertisements into works of art. 

This app demonstrates the AR category of Opening Space. In this category, digital content is integrated with actual environments to democratize locations from familiar (and limiting) meanings. Using AR in this way, places are becoming generally open to being inscribed with new perspectives and interpretations.

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Jefferies, Liam Noah. "The New Spectacle: How Effective Is Mobile Augmented Reality as Tool for the Manifestation of Dissent?" Paper presented at the Electronic Visualisation and the Arts, 9 - 13 July 2018.

Oliver, Julian. "Artvertiser."
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The Artvertiser

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September 24 2020
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July 5 2021
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