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Adrian Duke (creator)
Vancouver Native Housing Society (contributor)
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Initially launched in 2017 at the Kanata Festival in Vancouver during Canada 150 Celebrations, this application enables users to locate augmented avatars across significant First Nations sites in the wider Vancouver area. The avatar and its accompanying information on the location of the user can be accessed on-site by an application that geolocates the viewer through GPS.  Once activated, these virtual storytellers enable a user to access a range of audio-visual information about the land that they occupy.

This app demonstrates the AR category of Repressed Past. In this category, digital content is used to enliven and geo-locate actual, repressed narratives. The goal here is to include new narratives as a valid form of heritage and thus to imagine another, virtual but possible, future.

Read more:
Bridges, Alicia "Canadian App Developer Seeking 600 Stories for Indigenous 'Wikiupedia'." CBC News, Feb. 17 2017.

Liron Efrat and Brittany Myburgh. Seeing is Sensing: Three Strategies for Multisensory Experience in Mixed Reality Art, ISEA conference proceedings 2020.
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Wikiup, Kanata Festival

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