• Memory of Amnesia
Memory of Amnesia
Memory of Amnesia
Memory of Amnesia

Memory of Amnesia

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Giselle Beiguelman (creator)
Giovanna Casimiro (contributor)
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Graphical Image
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Memory of Amnesia is an AR app that traces the removal and repositioning of monuments in the city of São Paulo. In doing so, it documents the politics involved in the shaping of our urban spaces. 

This app demonstrates the AR category of Revival of Past. In this category, virtual contents is used to reactivate or enliven past events. This is not a documentation of events, but rather a digital reconstruction of the past, intended to make us ponder how the present is different from the past.

Read more:
Beiguelman, Giselle, Giovanna Casimiro, and Nathalia Lavigne. "The Online Counter-Collector, the Open Source Heritage and the Museums of the Unfinished." Paper presented at the ISEA 2017, 2017.

Efrat, Liron, and Giovanna Casimiro. "The Augmented Walk: Unfolding the City’s Dimensions with Augmented Reality Artistic Interventions." InterArtive: a platform for contemporary art and thought, no. 100 (2018).
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Memory Of Amnesia

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