Mirages & Miracles

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Adrian M & Clair B (creator)
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Mirages & Miracles is an AR art exhibition created by the animation artists Adrian M. and Clair B. The show was first exhibited in 2017 and traveled to many galleries since, including the 2020 ars-electronica exhibition and the PHI centre in Montreal. The show presents a combination of physical drawing and objects, with digital animation and sound. 

This app demonstrates the AR category of Display Objects. In this category, digital content is combined with material objects to function as a compositional display object. The combination of the physical and digital artifacts in this category usually results in an object that functions in a similar way to material exhibition objects.

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Avram, Horea. "The User Is Present. Performing Temporality in Mobile Augmented Reality Art." CINETic REVIEW 1, no. 1 (2019): 35-49.

O'brien, Audrey. "French Art Exhibit 'Mirages & Miracles' Combines Sculptures, Drawings & Ar." Next Reality, March 21, 2017.
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Mirages & Miracles

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