MARS at the Tower of David

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MARs at the Tower of David is an AR project developed as a result of the participation of MARs Storytelling company in the TOD museum's innovation hub program. The app launches the 3D figures of David and Goliath, who guide visitors through the museum's open spaces. The app also includes many interactive games that build on the historical setting and employ biblical stories. The app is therefore aiming to attract younger audiences and bridge the generational gap between groups of visitors in the museum.

This app demonstrates the AR category of Historical Annotation. In this category, mainstream narratives and histories reflecting actual events of the past are activated and validated through superimposing digitized archival materials onto physical space.

Read more:
Tercatin, Rossella. "Augmented Reality and Games Enhance Visitors' Experience at Tower of David." The Jerusalem Post, Jan. 26 2020.  

Charr, Manuel. "Digital Technologies Used to Bring the Tower of David Museum to Life." Museum Next, 2020.
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